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Why should you have your cooker professionally cleaned?

There are certain dangers of a dirty oven. Many articles has been written about it, so we don't want to copy them.

We'll give you a short summary and point the most important reasons along with befefits of having a clean oven.

  • It is quicker and easier than doing it yourself!
  • It is a much deeper and professional clean.
  • We clean parts that you can’t reach.
  • You will get a better result.
  • You know it’s back together properly afterwards.
  • There's no toxic or harmful chemicals.
  • It will prolong the life of your oven.
  • It will stop smoking you out and will cut the risk of fire.
  • It will remove an unpleasant smell in the kitchen.
  • It will stop burning of grime and carbon-based fumes.
  • It will make your meals taste better!
  • It will help you save money (clean oven have a higher efficiency, and consume less energy).
Bright Oven

Our customers are often overwhelmed by the quality of the service that we provide. 

Below is an overview of what we will do when cleaning your appliances. Our goal is to complete every job to the very highest standard.



We put down absorbent matting to ensure you are left with no puddles or mess and cover your worktops.

We remove even the toughest burnt on carbon and grease from your appliance regardless of the material it is made from, whether stainless steel, glass, enamel or cast iron.

Unfortunately there's no much we can do about ‘wear & tear’....

We remove the oven door and where possible separate panes of glass to enable a thorough clean.

All shelves, racks and trays are removed, along with bulb covers and door seals, and cleaned in our dip tank in the rear of our vehicle.

The inside of the oven is cleaned by hand using non caustic and non toxic products, so that the oven is safe to use immediately after we leave.

Any removable panels are taken out to enable cleaning behind them. Control knobs are removed to allow thorough cleaning behind these as well as cleaning the knobs themselves.

We put all the removed parts back and check the appliance before showing you your sparkly clean oven.

Please note that when cleaning AGA's, it is necessary to turn the appliance off to allow it to cool before we arrive, as this ensures the best possible results. 



We clean all types of hobs whether electric, halogen or gas and apply the best cleaning method depend on the type & model of your hob.

Hob racks, rings, discs and the base are all cleaned accordingly to the material they are made of.

We'll remove all the burnt-on carbon from your hob. We'll degrease it and clean it throughout.

Removable parts are cleaned independently and replaced on completion of the cleaning.

Control knobs are removed to allow thorough cleaning behind these as well as cleaning the knobs themselves.

At the very end everything is put back together and polished. 



Extractor fan collects grease while cooking, so filters need either replacing or cleaning (depending on the type).

We replace paper filters as part of our clean, but replacements of carbon filters is charged extra.

We remove bulb covers to allow cleaning of the cover itself and also the reflective areas behind these.

Metal/Aluminium filters are cleaned to get rid of grease and odours that is trapped between layers.

We clean the body of extractor hood and chimneys.

Finally, everything is put back together and polished. 



We degrease your microwave and clean it throughout. Then we clean the front panel, sides & top as well.

Our cleaning products are safe for any appliance, so it is safe to use as soon as we have finished.

Microwave's glass plates and the doors are also cleaned and polished.

We'll do our best to bring it back to glory!



During the cleaning process we store your food in insulated cooling bags to keep them cool.

We degrease and clean all shelves and drawers along with inner sides of your fridge.

Then we clean the front panel, sides & top as well (if accessible).

Please note that some bacteria survive in very cold conditions and ice build up increases energy consumption, so it's important to clean your fridge regularly.



We clean the door, around the seal, soap drawer plus the cavity it fits into.

We remove the filter to clean it, plus we clean the cavity around.

Then we descale your washing machine to ensure all pipes and outlets are cleared.

At the end we run a washing machine cleaner which contains a degreaser and freshener to ensure your future wash loads come out clean and fresh.



We clean the door, front panel and around the seal plus sides & top if possible.

We check and clean dishwasher's spray jets/arms to ensure that they are not blocked.

We clean the filter, top up the salt and rinse aid and at the end flush through a degreaser and descaler.

All that to make sure your dishwasher is really clean and spotless.



We clean the door, around the seal, front panel, sides & top if possible.

We empty and clean the filter and area around it.

If your tumble dryer is a condenser model we'll empty the water reservoir.

We'll remove and clean the heat exchanger to get rid of any built-up dirt and hair.

It's important to keep your tumble dryer clean and well maintained. 

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